Wright & Bastard [Beats & Pieces] 

Wright & Bastard is a project of Drumhead (aka DQ). His styles reach from Drum & Bass over Trip Hop to Dub. In 2005 he joined the demoscene and composed music for 64k-intros, 4k-intros, videos and demos. In 2007 he started producing Drum & Bass more and more seriously and released his music on Uran97 (R.I.P), NoSYS Productions, Trust In Music and digitalGEWITTER. In the last years his productions includes collaborations with Scraping Micha, Gargaj, Epidemic, Wintermute, Alexander Lehmann and the demogroups Kakiarts Technologies, STILL and Haujobb.

[2013] Void / Sweet Milk Remix
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[2013] 10 Jahre Bassanarchie
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[2013] NA004 - Lancet Liver Fluke
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[2013] dG-Free014 - The Week EP
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